important message: fire safety labelling

We are proud to offer beautiful, high quality products and organic cotton clothing for your baby. We design all our clothing in New Zealand, made of only the safest, pure and natural materials. 

Unfortunately we have incorrectly labelled some of our recent season's clothing items sold to Australian customers from about 16 April 2016 to 2 December 2016. In Australia, a mandatory standard requires certain items of clothing to be labelled 'Low Fire Danger'. We have made the mistake of following the New Zealand standard for this labelling, which requires no label or a different fire label. The different label used in some instances states "Caution, Keep Away from Heat and Flame" instead of 'Low Fire Danger'.

For all Australian online orders, please allow an extra 2 working days of processing time for us to ensure the correct labels are on your garments. 

A list of the affected clothing items are set out here, which includes a picture of the label that should have been included and picture of any label that was included. If you have purchased or received one of the below garments, and are in any way concerned about the item you have bought, please email us on and we will organise an exchange for you.

We want all our customers to feel confident they have only have the best, safest and purest organic cotton clothing for their baby, so please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or you'd like further information on this issue. 


Q. Why did Nature Baby make this mistake?
A. Nature Baby sought to follow a newer standard, compulsory in New Zealand, that has different labelling requirements. This new standard has not yet been implemented in Australia. 

Q. If I order online now, will my garments have the correct labels?
A. Yes, from 2nd December 2016 all Australian orders will be sent with correct labels. Please note that due to this, there is an extra 2 days processing time needed on all Australian orders. 

Q. What if I don’t have a receipt?
A. Please contact us anyway, and we will do our best to help.

Q. Can I choose between obtaining a refund or receiving a replacement item?
A. Yes, we are happy to provide either a refund or an exchange in this instance.

Q. Do I have to return my current item?
A. Yes. You will be required to return your current item to receive a replacement.

Q. I can’t see my clothing on the list – am I affected?
A. Probably not, but if you have any doubt please contact us and we will do our best to help.

Q. Is my product faulty?
A. There is nothing wrong with the product or fabrics used in these garments, they are perfectly safe for your baby. The issue is regarding the item being incorrectly labelled for sale in Australia. 


We will be remedying the issue going forward, and all items purchased online or at our retailers in Australia will now have correct labels. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Nature Baby xx